Auto Repair in Orange City

Top of the line mechanic services in Orange City.


We’ve been a family-owned auto repair shop for over 17 years and plan to keep it that way. We take pride in giving back to our community whenever we can and keeping you and your family safe on the road.

We know auto repair can be costly, we do everything we can to work with our customers for our solution that’s best for them and their budget.

Most common auto repair in Orange City?

Due to the layout of our roads, the most common auto repair in Orange City seems to be wheel alignment, new tires and oil changes.

These are pretty common maintenance issues for every vehicle. General wear and tear over time takes a toll on tires quickly, particularly if you’re commuting to Orlando and back. 

Unseen potholes, curb climbs and the occasional object on I-4 will quickly misalign the tires on your vehicle, which can cause issues with proximity sensors in your car.

Oil changes are just a nature of the beast of driving. Being the most common service most vehicles require, it’s vital to keeping your engine in great condition.


Services We Stand By

  A/C Repair & Heating
  Oil Changes
   Amzoil Motor Oil
   Timing Belt Replacement
   Transmission Repairs
 Preventive Maintenance
  Affordable Tires
  Engine Repairs
  Fuel System Service
  Brake Service & Repair
   Diagnostics (Check Engine Light)
   Wheel Alignment
  Muffler / Exhaust
   And More...


What makes auto repair in Orange City different?

The heat, which can cause some serious issues for your vehicle if your fluids are low or unchanged. 

Lack of oil changes or improper changing will be exacerbated by the summer heat. Since oil is meant to lubricate your engine, rising temperatures will only make it that much more difficult to do its job properly.

Another common issue vehicle owners encounter during the summer is either a coolant leak or potential radiator issues. 

During the summer, most people crank up that A/C to max, which is generally fine if there are no pre-existing issues. But some aren’t so lucky, the only way to find one of these leaks is generally A/C that’s not cooling or an overheated engine. Low coolant levels can quickly destroy an engine, so not a problem to take lightly!

Customer Service Guarantee

We pride ourselves on providing the best auto repair in Orange City by putting our customers first all the time. 

As vehicles get more and more advanced we’re constantly improving on how to repair vehicles in the most efficient manner for our customers.

Because we know, the faster we can repair your vehicle, the faster your life returns to normal and the cheaper it is.

That’s why we focus on only hiring the best ASE Certified mechanics in Central Florida and using top of the line equipment. Great service can only come from quality parts and service, that’s what we’re all about here at SNS Automotive Repair.

So stop by anytime or give us a call at 386-753-9930 and see why we provide the best auto repair in Orange City!


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